We strongly believe that long-lasting partnerships must be win- win relationships. When customers make extensive investments in ISEC’s nuclear monitoring systems, this is not the end of the journey – it’s just the beginning of our relationship. We see this long-term collaboration as a way to continually deliver solutions that surpass our customers’ needs and expectations.

Strong, accessible support, efficient spare-part logistics and continuous proactivity for and together with our customers are important aspects of what we call ISEC’s ecosystem. We believe in making the world more secure by ensuring reliable monitoring of nuclear facilities all around the globe. This is our company mission. Our work contributes to everybody’s peace of mind.
We offer nuclear plants and facilities, as well as NPP distributors, our nuclear monitoring. We recognize that all long-term, profitable activities must be done within a strong framework of sustainable values.

The ISEC ecosystem is comprehensive. We assess and analyze the plant’s needs through a walk-down and design a bespoke system. We provide start-up support and continuous assistance through our PMP Preventive Maintenance Program. The solution all depends on the needs of the client, and we’re always close by to give the support needed.


"Use of the RADCAM in the EDF +50 reactor fleet could – conservatively estimated – result, in at least one day of saved production per year, per reactor, based on 17 currently monitored targets."

CNPE, EDF, France