ISEC’s IVS monitoring system is the eyes, ears and sensory components of the NMS system, complementing the IMS in-plant monitoring system. IVS consists of a portfolio of products that is specifically developed for use within radioactive and demanding environments, offering exceptional durability, very high performance and functionality. The IVS monitoring system from ISEC is built and designed with quick and easy maintenance in mind.


ISEC’s long experience of designing monitoring equipment for radioactive environments has led to a number of unique product solutions, most notably the RADCAM family of radiation-tolerant cameras. The development of these product systems has been almost solely done in cooperation with nuclear plants, with testing undertaken during full production conditions.

The RADCAM constitutes a camera system that easily lasts between fuel-change cycles, gives optimized operator functionality as well as fast, easy and safe maintenance. Due to its design, the installation of RADCAM cameras allows for smooth integration with existing systems. It also provides high-quality imaging to increase the ability to monitor, check and analyze all processes during both production and outages.

In addition to the RADCAM system, our IVS portfolio includes all other necessary devices for monitoring, measuring and supervising the plant’s equipment and processes. Together with the in-plant monitoring system, IVS will provide a full and complete view and tracking of the conditions within, as well as outside of, the in-containment areas.



The RADCAM is the proven standard in advanced visual process monitoring for nuclear plants and facilities. With its patented neutron-absorbing outer body, its high tolerance to gamma radiation, and an effective onboard cooling system, the RADCAM is a camera that is designed to survive the harshest of environments.

RADCAM is equipped with ISEC’s radiation damage detection system, Radmonitor. It downloads camera status data during production and indicates the expected life span of in-containment cameras. Protected position is another RADCAM feature that promotes preserved high-quality imaging and a prolonged life span. Today RADCAM is used at numerous plants and facilities throughout the world, delivering consistent high-quality video.

The inventive RADCAM® technology by ISEC Industrial Security AB is covered by international patents, including US 8964021, US 9191558, EP 2415253, CN 102356629,  JP 5814223  and RU 2546126.




The IVS includes measuring devices for radiation levels in designated areas. Although each RADCAM camera is equipped with its own radiation-metering device, today’s regulatory demands from IAEA and other bodies often specify a denser placement of radiation-metering equipment. Supplementary radiation monitoring – adding to the fixed in-plant installations and the RADCAM cameras – is easily done with the IVS radiation measuring devices. This equipment is always selected based on the plant’s specific needs.

This equipment fully complies with the quality and functionality standards for use within radioactive environments.



Temperature is also a critical parameter that needs close monitoring. The need for closer monitoring is the natural result of stricter regulations, but also as an effect of increased safety work at many nuclear plants and facilities.

This equipment is always selected based on the plant’s specific needs and fully complies with the standards for use within radioactive environments..



High-quality video and extensive measuring devices go a long way in monitoring conditions within the plant. They do not however register the sounds of malfunctioning equipment, which often occurs before any visual or measurement data indicate a possible problem. The solution is microphone devices for use in radioactive environments. ISEC offers both RADCAM cameras with onboard microphones, or standalone microphone units for suitable placement within the in-containment area.



The IVS product package includes all necessary digital I/O communications software and hardware equipment. The specific communications solution is without exception based on real specifications and existing installations at each plant or facility.



The video monitoring needs of a plant also cover areas without radiation. The IVS product solutions also include standard high-quality video camera alternatives for this purpose. Combining all video signals into the NMS system expands the overview of the monitoring and presentation capabilities.