The nuclear plant is a complex and hazardous environment, meaning that the monitoring of this environment is also complex. A natural objective for all nuclear plants is of course to securely monitor all activities, and to control, measure and view all critical equipment inside and outside of the containment area. It is also important to have real-time video, audio and measurement data at hand for 24/7 decision-making. This has not always been possible.

Large amounts of data are involved. Data are relayed from the fixed in-plant monitoring system (IMS), as well as from the remote monitoring system (RMS), used on maintenance personnel’s belt packs during outage work. There are also large amounts of data coming from the additional monitoring system (IVS), with fixed video cameras and other systems monitoring critical equipment and processes.

ISEC’s Nuclear Monitoring System NMS is well-suited and fully designed for this task. In essence it collects all incoming real-time data and analyzes that data in different contexts – operations, maintenance, radiation protection, vibration and so forth. The analysis presents a live view, historical data, and predictive data at the operators’ or management’s fingertips.

"ISEC’s NMS presents a palette of strong advantages supporting a number of crucial nuclear power plant demands."