Nuclear processing has always been affected by national and international restrictions and legislations regarding radiation safety measures. Furthermore, high productivity and the need for profitable operations are ever-present demands.

In the aftermath of well-known nuclear incidents and accidents, we see a new and even more stringent regulatory framework developing. Added to this are the increasing demands for increased production time at many nuclear power plants around the world – both new and old. Huge investments also need to be protected. Plant and personnel safety, as well as ALARA activities, are becoming a focal point.

Never has there been more reason for efficient and complete monitoring of nuclear processes. ISEC’s NMS Nuclear Monitoring Systems is the prime solution to that end.

"Increased monitoring, responsibility, accountability and transparency are but a few of the new IAEA and other regulatory bodies demands on today’s and tomorrow’s nuclear governance."

Anita Nilsson, member of ISEC’s Board of Directors

"There is a strong, new solution on the market – NMS from ISEC, the complete nuclear monitoring system."