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11 March, 2020

French EDF Flamanville reactor nr3 will soon go into commission

French EDF Flamanville reactor nr3 will soon go into commission with the ISEC Monitoring System consisting RADCAM Epsilons and RADCAM Deltas. ISEC is very proud to be main supplier of these radiation tolerant cameras.
26 February, 2020
Real-time data streams ISEC Video monitoring systems

Handle plant big time data streams at nuclear power plants

Our video monitoring system easily handles the information flow from a large number of cameras, fixed and mobile measuring devices and other equipment within a full video monitoring system scenario.
12 February, 2020

ADAPT To Site Needs

In our 25 years of working closely with nuclear power plants, we have learned that all plants are unique. Each facility requires a unique and customer-adapted set of solutions that match each site’s needs in an ongoing way.
26 January, 2020

New Senior Developer Anders Rosenqvist

Anders Rosenqvist, Ph.D. joined our technical department as Senior Developer to strengthen our Research and Advanced Engineering.
12 January, 2020

Adhere to new regulations

ISEC has in-house knowledge of these developments and offers solutions that meet these new regulations.
15 December, 2019

ISEC at Nuclear LWR Conference in Mumbai, India

ISEC team presenting solutions for NPCIL & BARC, suitable for the Indian nuclear market.