Radiation hardened cameras

RADCAM – Radiation Tolerant Camera Systems

The RADCAM is the proven standard in advanced visual process monitoring for nuclear plants and facilities. With its patented neutron-absorbing outer body, its high tolerance to gamma radiation, and an effective onboard cooling system, the RADCAM is a camera that is designed to survive the harshest of environments.

RADCAM is equipped with ISEC’s radiation damage detection system, Radmonitor. It downloads camera status data during production and indicates the expected life span of in-containment radiation hardened cameras. Protected position is another RADCAM feature that promotes preserved high-quality imaging and a prolonged life span. Today RADCAM is used at numerous plants and facilities throughout the world, delivering consistent high-quality video.

The inventive RADCAM® technology by ISEC Industrial Security AB is covered by international patents, including US 8964021, US 9191558, EP 2415253, CN 102356629, JP 5814223 and RU 2546126.

Radcam Family

RADCAM is available in different versions depending on expected radioactivity and temperature levels. This gives the ability to adapt the RADCAM equipment to different areas within the plant, thereby securing a level of protection that is suited to each area and not unnecessarily high. Camera movements can be made at variable speeds, and with camera-positioning precision down to 0.01°,maneuvering and monitoring is exceptionally accurate and precise. All RADCAMs are equipped with lights and can be used in fixed or mobile installations.



Radiation tolerant camera for high to medium neutron and gamma radiation