Nuclear system solutions

Video management systems to meet the needs of all nuclear power plants

ISEC manufactures complete turn key nuclear system solutions, (analog, digital, and hybrid) in order to meet the needs of all nuclear power plants. We understand that there are sites where it is difficult if not impossible to replace the existing analog infrastructure. Therefore, ISEC continues to manufacture our IVS analog matrix equipment so that there is no need to change the existing cabling throughout the plant.

We can also offer a hybrid system which can connect existing analog equipment to a digital I.P. based infrastructure or ISEC can design a complete digital system for sites where the infrastructure has been upgraded.

24/7/365 monitoring

ISEC Systems allow the operator to securely monitor all activities, and to view critical equipment inside and outside of the containment area with RADCAM. This provides real-time video and audio data at hand for 24/7/365 decision-making.

Main benefits of nuclear system solutions

Provides Early Warning System

The system provides audio and video data from all available cameras in the plant. A vibrating pump, or a steam leakage are immediately seen on-screen.

Decision-Making Support

The better the decision basis, the better the decision. Having correct real-time video and audio data at hand promotes wise and correct decision-making.