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The nuclear power plant and waste repository are hazardous environments with gamma and neutron radiation being the main danger factors, particularly within the “in-containment” areas. To successfully monitor the activities within these harsh environments is of key importance. Surveying and assessing the status and functionality of all key equipment is one important factor. The other is, of course, surveilling all personnel exposed to radioactivity during repair and maintenance work‚ both during outages and during production.

Video Monitoring Systems

Our video monitoring systems are information handling systems that collect camera, audio, temperature, radiation data, and other similar variables for transmission to the central hub. The video monitoring system handles both digital and analog signals and also works as a true hybrid system. ISEC video monitoring systems are designed with a modern configuration which incorporates color video cameras designed to replace older chalnicon and videcon tube cameras.

Video Management Software

ISEC supports all major VMS systems such as Milestone and Genetec. If your site uses other VMS systems, ISEC can of course configure our camera systems to work with these other VMS providers.

Why Use Camera Monitoring?

  • Prevent Production Losses
  • Assist ALARA Focus
  • Adhere to New Regulations
  • Adapt to Site Needs
  • Predict Equipment Failure
  • Handle Plant “Big Data” Stream

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