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ISEC Monitoring Systems

Nuclear Monitoring is our focus

ISEC was founded 2003 and has its origin in the southern part of Sweden. Since then, ISEC has gained experience and a unique understanding of the Nuclear Industry. Our radiation hardened monitoring systems, from the beginning, were developed together with nuclear power plants both in Sweden and in France.

We deliver visual information for the plant operators and our concept involves collecting essential data, analyzing it and presenting it in a way that shows how important advantages can be realized.
Some of these advantages include increased production time and plant safety, supporting the plant’s ALARA focus and monitoring radiation levels during production. Our sole focus is on developing and delivering ISEC nuclear monitoring systems fully adapted to each plant’s specific needs.

Patented Solutions

Because research, development and innovation are at the core of our company culture, we have built a strong portfolio of patents in connection with our main business – nuclear monitoring systems. This not only benefits all of our customers and clients, but also our distribution partners all over the world.
The inventive RADCAM® technology by ISEC Industrial Security AB is covered by international patents, including US 8964021, US 9191558, EP 2415253, CN 102356629, JP 5814223 and RU 2546126.

ISEC Monitoring Systems AB

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