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Reaching new heights with Loki

LOKI is ISEC’s newest radiation tolerant inspection camera system which is designed to allow the operator to view areas which are normally out of reach without the need of erecting scaffolding. This is done by incorporating a pole which is extendable up to 6 meters (20ft) as well as adding tilt functionality to the camera head via tilt motor.

The on-board display tablet allows the operator view and record live video in HD. The operator can then add his or her own notes (or even draw) directly onto the tablet thanks to Loki’s touchscreen display. All video and/or still images can then be transferred to other media devices allowing an easy transfer of information between departments or for job briefings. With the new LOKI from ISEC, nothing is out of reach.

  • Suitable for mechanical, electrical, process & building inspections
  • Built-in LED lights for perfect viewing in dark places
  • Robust design and constructions
  • Modular design with exchangeable camera head
  • User friendly documentation management software
  • Intuitive interface & reporting management software
  • Record, trace &document “on-the-go” your inspections, findings & comments
  • Access new positions unreachable before

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