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The energy crisis has fueled the debate of nuclear power. In Sweden the government has launched a roadmap for constructing new nuclear power in the coming years to meet the rising energy and sustainability demands. This underlines the need for safe, effective, and reliable monitoring systems to support the operations of future nuclear power plants.

Apart from emphasizing the importance of a strong and reliable electricity and energy supply, the Swedish government underlines the need for doubling the energy production in 25 years to handle the ongoing electrification.

The roadmap presents four main points that will help ensure nuclear power to expand massively in the country, and the plan is to have at least two reactors up and running in 2035, and ten by 2045. Furthermore, during the COP28 conference in Dubai, Sweden signed a global nuclear declaration together with 21 other countries where they agree to triple the energy consumption from nuclear power production by 2050.

These recent events have fueled the nuclear power debate in Sweden. On one hand, it is viewed as risky and expensive, on the other hand it is fossil free, which is necessary to reach the country’s sustainability goals. The nuclear power is also cost effective and provides more balance in the current Swedish energy system.

Nuclear power will play a vital role in the future Swedish energy supply, and it is therefore crucial that both new and old power plants are well built and maintained. To ensure this, safe, effective, and reliable monitoring systems are important when running the everyday operations. ISEC has long experience of delivering camera-based monitoring systems to the nuclear power industry and plays a vital part of the nuclear power plant system. With the right monitoring system in the right places, the power plant operators can discover errors, interruptions, or deviations faster and take decisions based on the provided system information.

“We can see that the right monitoring systems help our clients to monitor their operations and supports them in their decision processes in terms of securing efficient maintenance of equipment. This will extend the life of the nuclear power plant itself, making all the time, planning, and funding of these project even more worthwhile. In addition, having efficient monitoring systems in place during operation enhances security of the operations and safety for the personnel operating nuclear facilities”, says Fredrik Sjöholm, CEO of ISEC Monitoring Systems.


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