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Adrien has been a part of the ISEC team for more than five years. Starting out as Business Director of the European market, he is now Chief Commercial Officer. With his extensive experience from the nuclear industry Adrien makes sure that our customers’ needs and expectations are met with the best that ISEC has to offer – products, support, and expertise alike. 

We asked Adrien a few questions for you to get to know him better:

Can you describe your role at ISEC?
As Chief Commercial Officer, my role is to support all parts of the organization in the expansion of ISEC worldwide. As part of a fantastic Sales team, together with Aurelien Terme, Peter Gregory, Matt Nemet, I am responsible for making sure that we have adequate support to respond to customer requests with the best ISEC has to offer today in radiation nuclear CCTV projects. Also, I need to build strong and trustful relationships with clients, partners and key stakeholders. To feed our insatiable hunger for innovation and new ideas, which is setting ISEC apart, I make sure that our team is up to date with the latest trends and needs from our clients.

What is your expertise/area of interest in your work?
As a nuclear engineer by trade and passion, I am always interested in technology -new and old alike – and solving problems for others. Going to sites and meeting people with the immense responsibility to operate or maintain unbelievably complex nuclear installations is a very enriching experience. Also, as ISEC’s cameras and systems are positioned to the very beating heart of nuclear processes, we are extremely fortunate to have the humbling experience in seeing the most interesting parts of the nuclear technology from the most historical installation like Sellafield, to the most modern ones like Hinkley Point C and Posiva.

Why did you choose to start working for ISEC?
I decided to join ISEC more than five years ago because I wanted to make an impact into the nuclear industry with a highly technologically oriented company. When I joined ISEC, the company was about to start a new growth chapter. It has been very exciting to play an active role in shaping what ISEC is today.

What projects are you working on right now?
Currently, I am involved in two key projects; One being the prestigious Posiva project in Finland that ISEC has been working on for more than four years now. Here, we are supplying the complete process monitoring system for final disposal of nuclear fuel. A first in the world project. Right now, we are actively supporting our client in fine-tuning their system for optimal performance before the plant goes into full operation very soon. The other project I am involved in is to support the supply of our cameras at Hinkley Point C in the UK.

What are your interests outside of work?
Meeting new people and cultures is something that I have always cherished. Being French, I also have an appetite for new cuisine, and I often bring home new recipes from my trips to cook for my family so that we can share the culinary arts of other cultures.

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