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Board & Management

Board Of Directors


Chairman of the Board

Born 1955. Lawyer and former Partner of Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå. Chairman of, Innovum Invest AB, Dunkers Foundations, Henry Dunkers Förvaltnings AB and ARMEC Lindebergs Foundation. Board member of Gorthons Foundation, Anocca AB and other companies.


President & CEO Sandberg Development

Born in 1967. He holds a long and successful career from different positions within Perstorp, Sony Ericsson, Bang & Olufsen and most recently as CEO of Precise Biometrics. Furthermore, he has for a period been working and living in China. Stefan is educated in technical physics and electronics at Linköping University. Other current appointments: Chairman of the Board in Aimpoint, Rescue, Granuldisk and SWATAB.


CFO Sandberg Development

Born 1973. CFO for Sandberg Development group since 2015. 25 years of experience from various senior positions in different international industries and sizes of companies within Valeo Group, United Technologies (Carrier Cooperation), Novacast Technologies (Listed NASDAQ), Consafe Logistics.
Other current appointments: Board member in Sandberg Development Financial Solutions, Silanos SRL


Chief Executive Officer at WANO

Born 1957. CEO of World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO). Previous Managing Director for E.ON Nuclear Sweden and OKG AB, Former board member of all nuclear companies in Sweden and chairman of OKG AB. Numerous past site-level positions in the Swedish nuclear industry, including Site Vice President of Oskarshamn NPP, Plant Manager, Technical Director and Chief of Staff of Ringhals NPP and Manager, Core & Fuel at Barsebäck NPP.


Business Area President at Studsvik AB

Born 1978. Business area president of Fuel & Materials Technology at Studsvik and Managing Director of Studsvik Nuclear AB since 2016. 20 years of experience from the nuclear industry including management, international sales, R&D, and operation of nuclear facilities.


President Innovum Invest AB

Born 1957. President Innovum Invest AB. Previously CEO Netia A.S, and deputy CEO S.E.C. S.A. (Kinnevik), Luxembourg, both companies within telecommunications and both listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Business area (audio/hi-fi) manager and member of group management of Grundig AG (Philips) from 1995-98. Various senior management positions within the Electrolux Group, President Electrolux Korea, Lux Thailand and Electrolux South East Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore 1985-1995. Boardmember at Osby Vitvaror AB.




Born in 1970. Joined ISEC as CEO in 2023.
25+ years experience from Sales Management, M&A, Investor Relations and Business Development in technology companies such as Saab Aerospace, Telelogic (an IBM company), Sony Mobile, Enea Group and Cybercom. Most recent assignment before joining ISEC was as EVP and CCO for Precise Biometrics (Stockholm NASDAQ). Extensive experience working and operating in international business environments, including living for longer periods in Vienna, Austria and Shanghai, China. Fredrik holds a Master of Science in International Business Administration and Economics from Lund University and Vienna School of Economics.



Born 1987. French nuclear engineer by education and business development manager by experience with 8 years Sales & Marketing experience in the Nuclear and R&D field. Internationally minded, result and customer-oriented. Joined ISEC in 2018 and responsible for the European Market.



Born 1978. 15 years of international finance and business administration experience within various range of industries such as telecom, home appliance and energy. Joined the ISEC management team in 2017.

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