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A case study in Steam Generator inspection with RADCAM LOKI
Sellafield (UK) Endorsements of Loki
“The feedback from myself for the LOKI inspection pole is very positive, the inspection pole is a great Asset inspection tool. The system is user friendly and easy to operate whilst still delivering a high output. The light weight system can be used by all members of staff and erected in small access areas. The team that has developed this system have done a fantastic job, but with a little more refinement for horizontal applications would make a good system even better. Keep up the good work.”
Calvin Smye, U.A.V Engineer & Remote Pilot, Sellafield Ltd.
“[…], the RADCAM Loki has enabled us to perform much needed inspections and supported the construction of better asset intelligence, which has enabled on-site engineers to make better informed decisions regarding the health of multiple civil structures. Numerous inspection tasks must be performed which prior inspections tools such as UAVs were unsuitable for. Without the RADCAM Loki it is likely that these tasks would have required scaffold at additional expense as well as the additional associated conventional safety risks. The RADCAM Loki has only been with the team for a short time but has already proven itself a useful tool in our toolkit and has allowed us to expand our ability to support both planned and reactive site inspection activities.”


Peter Allport, Remote Handling Lead for Sellafield Ltd.
NPP Loviisa (FI) Endorsement of RADCAM Epsilon
“We have used in Loviisa NPP (VVER 440) ISEC Epsilon for several years in our Steam Generator room.
[…] We know that it is not safe to go in that area, when we are producing electricity and reactor on. Gamm dose rate is
app. 2-5 kGy/year, neutrons 0.2 – 0.5 Gy/year.
[…] At the moment, we are using the same RADCAM Epsilon camera set as in beginning. It is still going strong and stable.”
Ari Haimi, Project Manager, Fortum Loviisa NPP Finland
NPP Liebsdtat (CH) Endorsement of RACAM Epsilon
“[…] By the way, last night with exactly this camera [Epsilon] the nightshift detected an oil leak”
Jannick Barth , Electrical engineering department, KKL.

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