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ISEC Monitoring Systems AB is a proud member of key associations and groups within the nuclear industry. We are active members that use these forums to share information, learn from others and keep up with the latest news and trends within the industry.

We are proud members of –

Nuclear Industry Association (NIA)

The Nuclear Industry Association is a UK trade association for the civil nuclear industry. The NIA represents more than 250 companies across the supply chain. The diversity of NIA membership enables effective and constructive industry-wide interaction. The NIA represents the industry to key audiences, provides tools for information sharing and networking and facilitates business groups.

Nuclear Suppliers Association (NSA)

The Nuclear Suppliers Association is a group of approximately 73 companies that manufacture and distribute products and services for nuclear energy users. The NSA is a non-profit organization that interfaces with electric utility groups in charge of nationally and regionally held conferences and centralizes and coordinates renting and distribution of vendor exhibit space. The NSA also coordinates vendor-supported social events.

Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster Nuclear Group

The BECBC Nuclear Group was created as a dedicated cluster of members who work within the nuclear industry. Members can build relationships and business in the nuclear supply chain. The group facilitates quality collaboration via networking and market intelligence. Quarterly meetings include key industry player updates, major procurement announcements, visits and showcases of business excellence, and networking.

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