RADCAM® Epsilon

NPP Radiation Tolerant Camera

The RADCAM® Epsilon is a proven standard when it comes to advanced audiovisual process surveillance within NPPs. With its patented neutron absorbing outer body, its high tolerance to gamma radiation, and an effective on board cooling system, the RADCAM Epsilon from ISEC is a camera that is designed to survive within the harshest of nuclear power plant environments.



RADCAM® Epsilon ε

Radiation tolerant camera for high to medium neutron and gamma radiation

RADCAM Epsilon incorporates a new patented camera shielding and cooling technology that will protect the camera sensor and its control logic. The result is a camera that is very reliable in the environment of the reactor containment building and other radioactive areas.

The RADCAM Epsilon also has additional qualities that are requested in a modern control room by the reactor and turbine operators - high availability, brilliant picture and sound quality, auto focus, 25x optical zoom, low light sensitivity, high temp tolerance (up to 90°C) and easy maintenance (replacement of spare parts in less than 5 minutes).

This makes RADCAM Epsilon the ideal camera for nuclear power plants.

The RADCAM module replacement technology make it easy and smooth to extend lifetime of your camera.