NPP Radiation Tolerant Camera

The RADCAM® Omega is the result of an effort by ISEC to design and manufacture a radiation tolerant camera for medium to low radiation levels while still retaining many of the important features found within the RADCAM family of cameras. It has the same patented neutron absorbing outer body as RADCAM Epsilon, though with a slightly thinner outer body. This makes RADCAM Omega from ISEC a sound camera camera choice for NPP areas with mid to low radiation.




Radiation tolerant camera for high to medium neutron and gamma radiation

The RADCAM Omega is designed so that the internal components such as the camera module and control module are fully interchangeable with RADCAM Epsilon cameras thus lowering the amount of different spare parts and training needed for maintenance.

The RADCAM Omega has a neutron absorbing and gamma blocking outer body, active cooling which gives an operational temperature of 60°C (up to 85°C for 8 hours), 330° pan and 180° tilt capabilities all while weighing less than 20 kg.

The RADCAM Omega also incorporates the same advanced features as ISEC’s other RADCAM cameras, such as the ability to store and download the camera’s status report so that maintenance on the cameras can be planned well in advance of a scheduled outage.

The RADCAM module replacement technology make it easy and smooth to extend lifetime of your camera.