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Radiation tolerant camera for high to medium neutron and gamma radiation

Advanced Radiation (y&n) protection + Radiation Exposure sensors

x40 Optical Zoom Auto Focus HQ Color Image

Spot and Flood Halogen Lamps

Twin Cooling System

Variable Speed PTZ

Easy and trouble-free maintenance

24/7 monitoring in any environment

The RADCAM® Epsilon is a proven standard when it comes to advanced audiovisual
process surveillance within NPPs. With its patented neutron absorbing outer body, its high tolerance to gamma radiation, and an effective on board cooling system, the RADCAM Epsilon from ISEC is a camera that is designed to survive within the harshest of nuclear power plant environments.

Widely used across the NPPs​

Pressure Water Reactor

  • Reactor Coolant Pump
  • Steam Generators
  • Pressurizer
  • Polar Crane
  • Pressure Airlock
  • Reactor floor level
  • Containment Basement

Boiling Water Reactor

  • Reactor Coolant Pump
  • Dry well
  • Steam tunnel
  • Reactor Control Rods
  • Polar Crane
  • Pressure Airlock
  • Reactor floor level

Heavy Water Reactor

  • Reactor Coolant Pump
  • Fuel Machine Vault
  • Fuel Machine
    Service Area
  • Reactor Fuel Wall

Nuclear Back-End

  • Dry storage building
    of Spent Nuclear Fuel
  • Hot cells

Key features

  • PTZ Camera with high Gamma & Neutron Radiation resistance
  • 65°C continuous operation
  • TID > 600 kGy (excl. sensor)
  • Dose rate: 200 Gy/h
  • Zoom 40x optical
  • Colour SD Sensor
  • Lights 2x35W
  • IP65 partly
  • Simple Cabling Coax + Power supply + RS-485
  • Quick & Easy maintenance
  • Automatic protection mode
  • Radiation Exposure sensors


Save plants up to
1,5 m usd / year

Equipment operation & monitoring

System & environment surveillance

Reduce doses exposure

Identify & monitor leaks

Prevention & fire watch


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